'Only Son' is garnering national attention. articles inspired by the book have been featured in:

America Magazine What can Catholic moms do if they want their children to remain Catholic? Let go.

America This Week Podcast: How can parents keep their children in the faith?

America Magazine   A mother comes to terms with her son’s priesthood

Thinking Faith   She was much perplexed by his words

The Arizona Republic   A journey of faith, motherhood and priesthood

Zócalo Public Square   Movie Review: Spotlight   



"A heartfelt, well-written, smart piece."

"This story is so touching and moving. Powerful. Engaging. Eloquently done. And something I could relate to as a Catholic and a sometimes religiously conflicted person."

"What a fabulous, thought-provoking piece. In my own way, I can so relate."

"This made me cry , I feel this great joy for you... and totally relate to the experience you described."

"Great read from Kristin Grady Gilger about her son's decision to become a priest. She doesn't avoid the tough questions."